guide to copenhagen
the city of hygge

TechBBQ team is very excited to welcome all our guests to Copenhagen, one of the biggest, most beautiful and vibrant cities in Scandinavia. We know it can be quite frustrating when you visit a new city and you only have a short time to explore. We made it easier for you to experience the great vibes of our city.

Unlimited Travel Pass by Bus, Train and Metro

DOT is pleased to offer participants a reduced Travel Pass for this year's TechBBQ.The Travel Pass offers unlimited public transportation from the moment you arrive in all of Greater Copenhagen (Airport to City transportation included). Get the ticket with the easy online ordering and make use of the public transportation.
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We're jealous of you. Because the first time you visit Copenhagen is an experience you will never forget. Just let yourself be carried away by the vibe of the city and roam around the streets full of cozy cafés, tiny wine cellars and exquisite ice cream shops.
Whether you will enjoy a beer or an open-faced sandwich (smørrebrød) in the sun or talk to the friendly Copenhageners, we guarantee it will be hyggeligt.
And if you want feel as a local, make sure to rent a bike and join the river of cyclists overflowing the bicycle lanes of the city.