The summit is divided in corners for a wide range of niches within the latest and most cutting-edge technologies. Go explore everything from foodtech to AI and go seek opportunities with investors, innovative corporates and helpful startup advisers.


Experience some of the most advanced robotics trends developed in Denmark that are defining our futures and shaping our role in society. Learn from a combination of robot and automation companies, suppliers, investors, education and research and public actors how machines will be, and are already impacting our lives.

VR & AR - New Realities

Swing by this corner to make your dreams a reality! Try out the tools which are transforming industries via virtual, augmented and mixed reality and 360 video, with showcases by specialist startups.


"#AARSOME is an independent grass-root movement aiming at creating a brighter future for technology entrepreneurs in Aarhus."

From a Viking fortress to Denmark's second biggest and Jutland's economic and cultural center. Meet Aarhus and its startup ecosystem, and discover why you should know about it.

health tech

One of the strongest in Europe, Denmark’s Health Tech industry offers phenomenal solutions that are providing better patient outcomes. Come and be updated and astonished by the latest trends, research and development in life science, health tech and other medical services.


Meet the companies coming up against but also collaborating with some of the biggest names in finance. Specializing in financial services of all kinds, the Fintech Corner features forward looking startups using software to seamlessly integrate money transfer, lending, investing, payments and other financial services for customers in our increasingly digitised lives, both personally and professionally.


Ideal for aspiring and/or inspired entrepreneurs and everyone else interested in how to scale a startup. Visit this corner to find out about funding and other support services involving corporates and other investors.


Take a step towards a sustainable future! Discover the concepts keeping things clean and green that are themselves taking on the challenge of preserving the planet for the future. Enabled by the latest technologies in CleanTech, GreenTech, UrbanTech and more, this includes activities to develop more energy efficient and sustainable processes and products.


See the source of some of the most exciting advancements happening today - the specialist software, namely AI and machine learning, that is increasingly impacting our lives each day in both visible (demonstrated via various installations) and invisible ways.

Investor Corner

Gathering of some of the largest VCs and investors. Startups and funding representatives have the opportunity to meet via our matchmaking tool to ensure the best use of their time.


Come and experience some of the most cutting edge technology and projects! On the workshop you can learn about how increasing internetworking of physical devices have a part to play in both our present and future lives in particular, as part of the most advanced engineering solutions setting us up for a smart future.

Startup Services

Focusing on the fundamentals, discover the services catering to every startup need. Including  guidance with accounting, legal, fundraising, capital, market research, HR, and everything in between.

Tech Talent

This is your opportunity to get immediate access to exciting startups who are looking to hire. Here you will find a mix of ambitious startups from different stages within software/hardware that will pitch their company and their opportunities, followed by inspirational talks and one-on-one meetings with talented candidates.


One of Europe´s most entrepreneurial Regions is at TechBBQ, with their vision, ambition and energy! Meet the community of startup supporters, business and public organizations that built the wonderland of startups.


With game development growing rapidly, gamification and cross diversification across tech is increasingly interlinking industries, with Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and EdTech, among others, looking to the gaming industry to adopt it's best competences. This corner is a new addition showcasing the hottest trends and technologies from some of the coolest startups in the field.


Information coming soon.


Get the latest lowdown in the learning technologies that are changing the landscape of education. At TechBBQ you can learn about Technology in Education - making people smarter is big business or even have a Sitdown with Minister of Education Merete Riisager.


Get a snapshot of the software making the world smarter via SAS software products. Startups and scaleups are attracted to the space in search for state-of-the-art cloud tools. The era of slow and costly processing is behind us - the accelerated technological development has enabled the tools to simplify and accelerate innovation.

google garden

Experience the latest Google inventions and be inspired by the tech trends of one of the most successful companies in the world.


Information coming soon.


3D printing has the potential to rapidly disrupt a lot of industries. This technology is still in its budding years and already we're seeing entire buildings being constructed with the help of 3D printing and the sky really is the limit when it comes to the potential applications. We take a look in the crystal ball and see what will happen as this technology matures and 3D printers become common household applications.


Decentralized technologies have become the new tech revolution, but how big are the opportunities really and are our communities ready to lift the task?

Blockchain has shown its enormous potential over the last couple of years and is now drawing more and more important methods of use in the fight for a secure network for everyone to trade. In the case of online identification, intelligent contracts or cryptocurrencies, Blockchain technology is a very complicated size that will only fill more and more in our everyday lives, whether we are ready or not.

We will focus on future possibilities within Blockchain technology and simultaneous showcase of existing solutions and hopeful start-ups.


Transport and mobility tech has been one of the hottest and most fast-evolving areas in tech these last few years.

Autonomous vehicles will radically change our everyday life and and disrupt entire industries altogether. Hyperloops around the world are reducing transport and shipping times dramatically and bringing the world closer together. Innovation is driving CO2 emissions down and reducing cost of transport.

So many exciting things are happening in transport and mobility tech that it's hard to cover in so little space, but at TechBBQ we'll take a deeper dive into the future of mobility.


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