A guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen - The Home of Hygge

World famous

We don’t have a shadow of doubt that TechBBQ is going to be less than great. Then again, it also helps that the summit is located in one of the biggest, most beautiful and vibrant cities in Scandinavia. Copenhagen is the epicenter of the Nordic Food Revolution and world famous Danish design.

Sustainability, ecology and respect for the environment are hallmarks of Danish business life and culture. Consistently ranked as one of the most eco-friendly cities on Earth, Copenhagen is currently ranked as the greenest city on the planet!

The danish summer

Although it might be cold and rainy for most of the year, late summer is truly the greatest time of year to visit Copenhagen.

Whether you will enjoy a beer or an open-faced sandwich (smørrebrød) in the sun or talk to the friendly Copenhageners, we’ll guarantee it will be hyggeligt.

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