2 days summit

TechBBQ 2017 is setting the bar higher than before: With 2 days, 3,500 participants, 3 stages, and 21 corners, Denmark's first, oldest and largest tech and innovation summit embraces a wide range of stakeholders from the Danish and international tech startup scene.

Whether it’s creating or enhancing opportunities within the tech startup and scaleup environment, this event may just be for you. TechBBQ is not only a summit but a unique opportunity to experience tomorrow's technologies while having the chance to connect with your future customer, colleague, boss, investor or co-founder.

On both days, Øksnehallen’s 5000 m2 will be packed with innovative minds and well-known startup, scaleup icons and well known VCs from all over Europe. There will also be well known business angels looking to make new investments in startups. Not to mention tech talents curious about exciting job opportunities.

the 3 stages

Let yourself be inspired by local and international speakers on the Main Stage, who’ll share their honest stories about what it takes to build a global success.

You can also dive deep into a topic on the Second Stage, where you’ll gain new insights and perspectives on the power of technology. Tech startups will present open positions on the TechBBQ Pitch Stage.

The Corners

Select a corner


Experience some of the most advanced robotics trends developed in Denmark that are defining our futures and shaping our role in society. Learn from a combination of robot and automation companies, suppliers, investors, education and research and public actors how machines will be, and are already impacting our lives.


VR & AR - New Realities

Swing by this corner to make your dreams a reality! Try out the tools which are transforming industries via virtual, augmented and mixed reality and 360 video, with showcases by specialist startups.


Sound & Music

Featuring a blend of performance and visual exhibitions, this corner will combine new sounds and up-cycling technology that show how music and sound is changing for the future. Enjoy performances throughout the day on our garage stage, as well as the opportunity to engage with artists and visionaries from the music industry.


Life Science

One of the strongest in Europe, Denmark’s Life Science industry offers phenomenal solutions that are providing better patient outcomes. Come and be updated and astonished by the latest trends, research and development in life science, health tech and other medical services.



Meet the companies coming up against but also collaborating with some of the biggest names in finance. Specializing in financial services of all kinds, the Fintech Corner features forward looking startups using software to seamlessly integrate money transfer, lending, investing, payments and other financial services for customers in our increasingly digitised lives, both personally and professionally.



Ideal for aspiring and/or inspired entrepreneurs and everyone else interested in how to scale a startup, visit this corner to find out about funding and other support services involving corporates and other investors.



Take a step towards a sustainable future! Discover the concepts keeping things clean and green that are themselves taking on the challenge of preserving the planet for the future. Enabled by the latest technologies in CleanTech, GreenTech, UrbanTech and more, this includes activities to develop more energy efficient and sustainable processes and products.



See the source of some of the most exciting advancements happening today - the specialist software, namely AI and machine learning, that is increasingly impacting our lives each day in both visible (demonstrated via various installations) and invisible ways.



Come and experience some of the most cutting edge technology and projects! And how increasing internetworking of physical devices have a part to play in both our present and future lives in particular, as part of the most advanced engineering solutions setting us up for a smart future.


Startup Services

Focusing on the fundamentals, discover the services catering to every startup need. Including  guidance with accounting, legal, fundraising, capital, market research, HR, and everything in between.


Investor Corner

Gathering of some of the largest VCs and investors. Startups and funding representatives have the opportunity to meet via our meet-to-match tool to ensure the best use of their time.


Tech Talent

This is your opportunity to get immediate access to exciting startups who are looking to hire. Here you will find a mix of ambitious startups from different stages within software/hardware that will give a five- minute pitch about the company and their opportunities, followed by inspirational talks and one-on-one meetings with talented candidates. Read more about the startups here: http://www.greatercph.com/startup/tech-talent



TechBBQ is created by the community, for the community. Representatives of the tech and startup community will be available to connect with for any queries. From engaging in casual conversation, to getting advice or establishing a collaboration together, there are events, meetings and other activities and opportunities that can benefit everyone in the ecosystem.



With game development growing rapidly, gamification and cross diversification across tech is increasingly interlinking industries, with Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and EdTech, among others, looking to the gaming industry to adopt it's best competences. This corner is a new addition showcasing the hottest trends and technologies from some of the coolest startups in the field.


Corporate Garage

A new area we are prototyping this year, corporates will host stands and present exciting and new technologies for their companies, offering the opportunity to engage and begin a conversation with corporates that are also shaping our everyday lives.



Get the latest lowdown in the learning technologies that are changing the landscape of education.


Smart Solutions

Get a snapshot of the software making the world smarter, via Smart Cities, SAS software products, optimising engineering 4.0 and other innovations.


Tech World

Meet the international partners participating in the event as Greater Copenhagen comes together physically with other tech hubs across the globe, from China to Russia, the US, UK, Sweden and several others.



Innovation in music and food create a symphony that will tantalise your taste buds to the tune of some melodious music. Get the opportunity to meet several ecosystems supporting food tech startups.



What better way to get to know people than while sharing a meal or a drink together? Join the BBQ and build connections while you treat yourself.


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