How it all started

In the summer of 2012 a small group of entrepreneurs from the startup community in Copenhagen sat together because they felt something was missing in the Copenhagen startup scene: An  own summit.

We needed the flagship gathering, where once a year, we would all meet up to celebrate success, learn from failure and explore relations across companies, functions and borders. A healthy startup eco-system should have a summit that can attract the investors that any startup-ecosystem needs to function and thrive.

First time we ran the event in 2013, we did it with 300 people at a location we could borrow for free. The drinks we also got for free. The BBQ was on a very special discount and the technology to run the event had it's issues - but there was a great sensation in the crowd, and it clearly showed the need for TechBBQ. Now, four years later we can soon welcome 3000-5000 people at Øksnehallen in the heart of Copenhagen.

We strive to make TechBBQ better with every passing year, because we believe that the best way to have a healthy startup-community is by having the community coming together and celebrate each other.

Therefore, we look forward to seeing you on 5th and 6th of September!


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